Retirement for Fun, Profit and Self Debasement

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7904-6
Retirement for Fun, Profit and Self Debasement
by Arthur Lewis Worth This little work of fiction involves three retired gentlemen, two of whom are friends from a distant past. The third and our somewhat reluctant hero is of more recent vintage to this geriatric club of the living dead. Much to his dismay, however, our central theme character soon discovers he has much more in common with these two curmudgeons than he cares to remember. But as the gods of merriment dictate, our reluctant hero is introduced into this circle of insanity by what would best be described as all-around shit bad luck. Now it must be said that our demented hero is not one to linger in the past. However, having no future to speak of at least none that is devoid of pain reminiscing about his sad, lamented past for a night of free booze and mental debauchery does have its merits. So having little else to do with the remainder of their lives, our three booze bags settle down around the old metaphorical campfire and exchange stories of their nefarious past. ABOUT THE AUTHOR For many years, I was a shift worker employed with the Canadian governments environmental department. Previous to my employment with the government, I completed military service with the Canadian navy as a wireless operator (radioman). Upon my retirement from the government services, I decided to redirect my overactive satanic imagination to more harmless pursuits such as writing. Taking pages from my past and twisting said pages out of all proportion, not to mention reality, I wrote Retirement for Fun, Profit and Self Debasement. (2008, paperback, 362 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.