Returning Home: Assignment Complete

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Returning Home: Assignment Complete

Returning Home: Assignment Complete

By: Mia Scara


About the Book

In the sequel to In the Name of Old Glory, the truth is revealed. We find our agents of the CIA and British Intelligence working together again and finding out the mystery of the Ashet family. Agent Samuels’ partner is once again on the scene after believing he was dead. Her plans to marry the king and live the happily ever after are shattered when a murder is committed and disaster strikes the Mediterranean country, leaving it inoperable.

How does all this end? Returning Home will put you in the middle of all the things happening and will keep you guessing. Will the new and returning characters be able to iron out the mystery and return home?


About the Author

This is the second book written by Mia Scara. Being retired has given the long time New Jersey resident more time to enjoy her passion. With many working titles on her resume, she has also managed to write poetry. Her life in an adult community is calm, and she enjoys her parents, who are in their nineties, happy.  


(2021, Hardcover, 424 Pages)


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