Revelation (Now & Then)

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Revelation (Now & Then)
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Revelation (Now & Then)
by S. Conward

The book Revelation (Now & Then) is about the times, it is the understanding of the past, and of prophesies that are still to come. This book will tell you the truth: it will let you see clearly and will let you know that you have choices to make in life. This is the only book that does not confuse you when you read it; it is the only book that you could double-check with the Bible, history books, war stories, and your daily life; and the only book that will make you say Wow. This book is not a book that should cause divisions, thought it may cause some conflict of heart for a short time. It is not the Bible, but it condenses all the stories and prophesies in the Bible. If you ever wondered about GOD, Satan, the government, life after death, or any other unknown, read Revelation (Now & Then) and learn about things you never thought could really be true.

About the Author

The author S. Conward has always been a reader and a devoted researcher to whatever she didnt understand. She loved school, nature, and always wondered if what the church said about GOD was true. She set off to research it on her own. The author has dedicated all her time to know the truth and, to her dismay, she found out that though the truth was good, it was very hard to swallow.

Then the author went on with life, but all the things that she learned in school were a contradiction to her research and all that she learned in the church was very shallow. Her life was miserable.

The author sought GOD more earnestly. She realized, like it or not, everyone had to know the truth. The only way for the author to get the message out was to write it in a book.

(2013, paperback, 210 pages)