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by Francisco Martinez

Stephen, the hero in the story, depicts the out-of-the-ordinary struggle of a man unable to cope with the harsh reality of life: that his old way of doing things is over and he has to change or face his own destruction.

Stephens struggle demonstrates the unpredictable circumstances that can develop in a persons life. The importance of Stephens adventure is to have courage in the face of fear and to either face the truth or the sometimes harsh consequences.

This is Francisco M. Martinezs first work. The unique quality of the story is that the Angels are aliens from a technologically advanced world and the Devil is from the same source. They use the earth in their struggle for dominance.

About the Author

Author Francisco M. Martinez was born in Paraguay; but from the age of seven he was raised in rural San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Since the fourth grade, Martinez has been fascinated by adventure stories of heroic men and women in ordinary circumstances doing extraordinary things.

(2012, paperback, 796 pages)