Revenge Has No Boundaries

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Revenge Has No Boundaries

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Revenge Has No Boundaries
by Alex D. Lloydd

Michael Beaumont, a young doctor, and his wife, Jaida, witnessed the murder of a senator and his two aides. They were then caught by the four murderers, raped, shot, and thrown down a mountain gorge in their car. Two priests found them and took them to their convent hospital. To the world, they were dead.

Michael recovered, but Jaida was seriously hurt and stayed in a coma for months. Michael swore revenge. He tracked down the murderers one by one and rendered them blind, deaf, mute, and crippled and then left them at a hospital, ensuring they wouldnt die.

The police were completely baffled by the case, but always hot on his trail.

The hunter had become the hunted.

About the Author

Alex D. Lloydd lives in South Africa. She trained as a teacher and taught for thirty-five years.

Reading has always been her passion. As a teenager she loved reading romances as well as detective stories. In her imagination she travelled to all of the countries with the heroines in the stories.

She loves travelling and has been to most of the countries that she read about many years ago. She always wanted to write a novel.

A few years after she retired, she started writing short stories as a hobby. She jotted down some ideas for a novel, and when she had everything down on paper, her book Revenge Has No Boundaries was born.

(2009, paperback, 144 pages)