Revis: The Barrier

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Revis: The Barrier

Revis: The Barrier

By: Estrella Dearborn


About the Book

Ohicei, a seventeen-year-old with too much sass for her own good, has had a simple life until one problem arose. Her mother, due to being consumed by fear of Tenebris sightings becoming more common, wants to send her daughter to live inside the Barrier—the capital of Revis. Not wanting to leave home, Ohicei hatches a deal with her mom, “If nothing happens, I’ll come back. And you’ll stop it with the dreams.”

Meeting friends along the way, Ohicei discovers secrets about herself and the people in control of Revis, but more importantly, she will find out what her existence means to the rise and fall of the place she used to call home.


About the Author

Estrella Dearborn is an avid writer of stories and music and is a strong believer in music therapy. She is part of a band called Better Late Than Never which frequently plays at senior citizen homes and rehabilitation centers near her hometown. You can contact her on Instagram @estrella_dearborn.


(2020, Paperback, 142 Pages)


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