Rex and Matilda

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Rex and Matilda

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Rex and Matilda
written by Jodi Tufano and Pierre Toufi

A Note from the Authors
When we wrote Rex and Matilda, the story flowed so smoothly and without interruption that we knew it was a beautiful gift. Neither one of us had ever written before, but the ease and happiness we experienced throughout the writing process was remarkable.

The illustrations, however, were another story. We went through a series of artists, never quite finding what we were looking for. Throughout this process, my seven-year-old brought several drawings to me, telling me that she could do the pictures for Rex and Matilda, whom she has come to love dearly.

Finally, we realized the inspiration she was feeling whenever she read our story was the beautiful result of Rex and Matilda through the eyes, imagination, and heart of a child.

It was then that we realized illustrations created by the children for whom the story was meant would be the perfect fit for our book.

We are sure our unique concept of blank illustration pages will bring joy to you and your children as they create their own artwork for our book, and we hope your family shares this beautiful story for many years to come.

(2009, paperback, 64 pages)