Rhymes of an Adolescent

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Rhymes of an Adolescent

Rhymes of an Adolescent

By: Neos Natus

About the Book

This book started out as a 6th grade English poetry project. We experience the world in such a wonderful way as children, but those moments are very fleeting. The ideas of children may sometimes be naïve, but the imagination and innocence in those ideas are a reminder of what life is really about.


About the Author

Author Neos Natus discovered a love for poetry in his 6th grade English class. His curious mind was moved by the words of famous authors such as Walt Whitman.

                Motivated by their examples, his perception of the world, and a 200 point assignment, Natus wrote a dozen poems. His family enjoyed them, so he continued to write. Poetry was the best gift because it was the perfect medium to convey love—and it did not cost a dime!


(2018, Paperback, 30 pages)

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