Rickie's Regression, Anatomy of a Desperate Dalliance

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Rickie's Regression, Anatomy of a Desperate Dalliance
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Rickie's Regression
by Trudi Knoedler

Past-life love fantasy or present-life obsession?

The answer lies in one final regression

At 46, disgruntled housewife Rickie Freeman has an unhealthy obsession with past-life regressionsas in the New Age kind that lead to present-life involvements. And lately Rickie has been smitten by a 29-year-old butcher at her local market. First-generation Irishman Connor Gainnes is, she suspects, a lover from some centuries-past scenario.

When Connor loses his job, Rickie tracks him down and learns of his after-hours career as a pub singer. When they finally connect, she discovers he suffers from debilitating addictions to beer, babes, and buds (of the cannabis variety)! Overcome with misgivings, Rickie enlists the help of her hypnotherapist girlfriend, Sophie, to plunge into another regression of her past life with Connor - but not before psychic Sophie gives her the low-down on some sexual shenanigans Connor is pursuing in this lifetime! Nevertheless, Rickies belief she was meant to knowand possibly loveConnor makes her turn a blind eye to his faults, until he asks for a time-out from their entanglement because he suffers from a brain disorder known as Low Latent Inhibition. Overcome with worry, Rickie immerses herself in an exploration of LLI, learning, en route, about the mind-quieting amino acid GABA and its application to substance abuse. The outcome has life-altering consequences for Rickie, for her marriage to Pete Freeman, and for Connor, who shares more than just a past life with the complex and tenacious Rickie.

About the Author:

Asking the question, What happens when a past-life love resurfaces in your present lifetime? this eyebrow-raising romance gives the titillating, fictional answer. Rickies Regression is the prequel to author Trudi Knoedlers novel, Rickie Redeemed and reveals the genesis of Rickies evolution from housewife to cougar to breast cancer survivor in the course of the two novels. The author has had mind-altering experiences with past life regression herself, and seeks to share her insights about these mysteries, and the challenges of being a breast cancer survivor, in her works of womens contemporary fiction.

(2014, Paperback, 284 pages)