Rifle Trending Circle

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Rifle Trending Circle
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Rifle Trending Circle
by David Trosclair and Adam Harris

For a Marine, being able to properly identify a hostile target and remove the threat through fire and close combat is an essential skill. Authors David Trosclair and Adam Harris sat down together and got to talking about how to best fix problems with shooters. As they began to work together more and more, they began to see trends and the Rifle Trending Circle started to take shape. It is designed as a tool to assist new and old shooters to teach and learn how to become proficient in rifle marksmanship.

About the Author:

Authors David Trosclair and Adam Harris started off as a couple of infantry Marines from different units. They each did a few deployments to the Middle East for Operation Enduring Freedom. The pair met in 2012 aboard Camp Pendleton and became marksmanship coaches at Edson Range. Thanks to their leadership and their coworkers competitive nature, they had the drive and tools to quickly become Primary Marksmanship Instructors. Trosclair and Harris could easily identify issues with their shooters and wanted to ensure that the Marine Corps was receiving the best product that could be achieved. The two of them dedicated the next four years to training these young recruits to defend themselves, their brothers, and their country.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)