Rings of Time

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9935-8
Rings of Time

by Jose Luis Martinez The Rings of Time provide a look to how the ancient Mayan Calendar tracked time with the same accuracy as our contemporary calendar. The Rings of Time reconstruct the Mayan Calendar to provide what most of humanity have believed the Mayans ignored for hundreds of years, and that is the adjustment for solar year. The reconstruction of the Mayan Calendar began with the gathering of pieces of a puzzle left by the ancient Mayans. Most of the pieces were collected from original Mayan manuscripts. Once the pieces were collected, the search for the solar year began with countless trials using specially designed databases. The findings are simply amazing. These are presented in a graphical format to appreciate the hidden information left by the ancient Mayans. The birth of the new sun is not only a Mayan myth but also a mathematical possibility. You will enjoy this journey into one of the greatest ancient Mayan culture secrets.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jose Luis Martinez holds a bachelors degree in forestry sciences and a masters degree in natural resources. He has dedicated most of his life to the protection of the natural resources. He is currently employed by a major Fire Department in Western United States. His greatest achievement has been to develop and implement a simple but efficient wild land management method to reduce the spread of fire in the wild land-urban interface. The method was first implemented with two experimental tracks known as the Porter Ranch and the Stevenson Ranch. Incredibly in the year 2003 when the worst firestorm in the history of the state destroyed more that a thousand homes and took several lives in Southern California, Porter Ranch and Stevenson Ranch survived the fire. His interest in the Mayan culture began at an early age. He plans to continue with the exploration of possibilities to improve the conditions of our civilization. He believes that these possibilities may be encountered where we least expect them; these are obvious where problems are constants. (2006, paperback, 90 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.