Ripples in the Sand

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Ripples in the Sand

Ripples in the Sand

By: Tonia Teresa Healey

About the Book

Scripture says that wisdom is as old as creation. That wisdom was the breath of God. It is embedded in all that ever has been or ever will be created. The chaos of being human keeps us from seeing it. But some, like artists (poets) and prophets can see through the chaos and describe for us a truth that is hard for the rest of us to see. Artists invite us into the sacred space of creation – a place of grace and discovery. This is the place where wisdom is revealed. When we experience the work of the artist, sometimes it resonates with us and in that moment the chaos disappears and there is a truth revealed about living, or dying, or loving. I think your book is the gift of wisdom. Not so much your story this time, but the revelation of a lifetime of learning, shared through the created word so that others might be changed. The collection of poems for and to family and friends made this crystal clear. This is a special person showering those she loves with the wisdom that could only come from the life she has lived.


Ripples in the Sand is the companion to Tonia Teresa Healey’s first poetry collection Sand Stone. Healey’s poetry follows the course of her life’s journey and captures moments powerful and small, intimate and open. Raw and personal, Healey clears away the sand to show the path of life beneath.


About the Author

Tonia Teresa Healey is a retired Psychiatric Nurse, living in Narragansett, Rhode Island. She is a certified Poetry Therapist of the National Association of Poetry Therapy. After becoming a nurse, she attended Brown University where she did an independent concentration, titled Poetry as a Therapeutic Process. She is also an “Army Brat” having grown up all over the world with her Dad.


(2019, Paperback, 122 pages)           

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