Rise Above Your Story: Reaching Greater Heights!

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Rise Above Your Story: Reaching Greater Heights!
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Rise Above Your Story: Reaching Greater Heights!
by Anela Ngoma

Who am I?

Anela Flora Ngoma, the author, used to ask herself: who am I? She was born in a small village, Tekofihla, (Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa). A spirited little girl with a vivid imagination and a love for the arts- many called her a dreamer! From an age of five she heard a voice that sounded just like her own and that voice guided her through her daily life. When things happened in her life, that very voice provided her with a step forward-she never felt alone but she always felt an assignment embedded in her soul.

This voice revealed things to her that no ordinary kid would know and many said Ngoma grew up before her time. When asked from where her knowledge came, she said there's a voice exactly like mine that teaches me daily. When she spoke, people's lives were transformed and they didn't understand how a kid knew so much!

Ngoma wanted only one thing in life: to share the transforming power that comes with acknowledging the presence of that voice, the very voice that transformed her own life. This has been her journey thus far!

(2012, paperback, 74 pages)