Rollin' with the Meerkats

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Rollin' with the Meerkats
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Rollin' with the Meerkats
by Bibi Vela

The goal of Rollin with the Meerkats is to spark discussion about fact and fiction between parents and their kids. Communication between parents and kids, after all, leads to a higher sense of trust between them.

The book introduces the Groomers, a family of meerkats, to the reader. It answers some questions about imagination, as Mr. and Mrs. Groomers guidance of their family shines through. The illustrations in the book also help the reader understand how everyones imagination is different from everyone elses.

During a family meeting about imagination, one of the meerkat kids brings up the question of a TV show saying some strange things about what a meerkat is and what it eats. A twist in the story begins, but Mr. Groomer manages to handle the situation with a responsible answer and brings the family back to focus on their discussion about imagination.

Visit the meerkats for their family meeting about imagination. Rollin with the Meerkats gives you a better understanding of the importance of reading to your kids. It gives you an insight of just how much their tiny minds have developed and how well they understand the world around them. It will give you an idea of when it is time to step in with more guidance in certain situations.

(2012, paperback, 46 pages)