Row of Beads

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Row of Beads

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Row of Beads
by Chijioke Mbagwu

The main character of the book, Zed Okorie, is an engineer by training and practicing banking as CEO of a merchant bank. He sets up a bank and invites trusted business and social associates to buy equity and sit on the board. The bank is not prepared for the success that occurs. Suddenly friendship and loyalty are sold for gang-ups, schemes, and intrigues, but Zed distinguishes himself as a master of boardroom politics.

In defence of procedures and rules, he incurs the wrath of the military establishment and armaments are marshaled out against the bank to dislodge him. He survives, but will he make it through the massive landmine of strategic dragnet laid out against himabduction, food poisoning, high-profile legal battles, etc.? In a surprise move, Zed, equipped with unknown skills, shows up in the enemy stronghold for a fight. Standing eyeball to eyeball with Admiral Jibril, someone is bound to blink. Along with the suspense of unexpected twists, the book takes the reader through a new track road of spiritual experienceuntil human blood begins to flow in self-sacrifice. It could be scary.

The book opens with a journey out of Ben Gurion airport Tel-Aviv by Zed to meet his family in London for a holiday. Two days into the holiday, his secretary phones to report disaster at home. Catching the next available flight, Zed returns unexpectedly to execute breathtaking accomplishments: the attributes of a master of boardroom politics.

About the Author

The author is a Chartered Banker of the Chartered Institute of Bankers London. He holds a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance. After a successful career, he retired as CEO of a Merchant Bank. He is married with children. He is a life-member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers London. He is also an Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria and a life-member.

(2010, hardback, 182 pages)