Running in Circles: The Pursuit of My Happiness

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Running in Circles: The Pursuit of My Happiness
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Running in Circles: The Pursuit of My Happiness
by Linda Janusz

Running in Circles: The Pursuit of My Happiness chronicles a lifes journey of a road less traveled, where therein dwells an empty existence of sadness and regret. Linda A. Janusz reveals her childhood montage of broken promises and shattered dreams. Instead of anguishing into despair, she arms herself in courage to persevere. Each challenge delivery spawns a rekindled motivation and renewed determination to succeed.

The work is intensely personal. It is an emotional memoire of a forgotten time, a resurrection of memories. As she writes, Linda relives the long-ago and forgotten reverie of obscured tragedies and disappointment. She invites the reader to peer into her open window and view the honest portrait of her life as she recalls the frightened little girl who struggled to achieve the radical metamorphosis so necessary to her survival. This book celebrates the human spirit. It will inspire all those who read through its pages that nothing is impossible, that commitment to achievement is a privilege far more commendable than any adversity of met confrontation along the way.

As the twilight of her life beacons near, the author is comforted by the peace of mind she is living. She is the product of her conviction. She has accomplished the climb and reached the pinnacle of her lifes journey. Now, fulfilled in a place of sublime satisfaction, she is gracious for the many blessings bestowed along the convoluted pathway that is her life. The pursuit of happiness is finally realized; the joy is everlasting.

About the Author

Born and raised in New England, Linda Janusz, with her husband, Robert, resides in the seaside community of Point Judith, Rhode Island. It is nestled in the southernmost tip of the state. Together the couple has two grown children and are presently reaping the joys of grandparenthood to five wonderful grandsons.

Linda is a nursing instructor at the Saint Joseph School of Nursing. She holds a masters degree from the University of Rhode Island. In her leisure, the author enjoys a good read, work in her garden, and the development of new recipes in her kitchen.

(2011, paperback, 158 pages)

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