S.O.S. - Countering the Sinking of America

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8683-9
S.O.S. - Countering the Sinking of America
by Al Pompey S.O.S. reveals that many of our elected congressional officials are more concerned with getting re-elected, than fulfilling the needs of its constituency, we the legal American citizens! This lack of integrity allows tempting bribes from K street lobbyists to influence legislation that favors employers and giant corporations at the demise of good jobs for middle class Americans. Industry and big businesses out source jobs to foreign shores; declare a need for down sizing its employee staffs; Then secretly lure illegal aliens across our borders to take these now substandard low wage jobs; along with the promise of amnesty and a path way to American citizenship!! The book explains that over crowding is the most pressing problem facing Americans, and is negatively affecting practically every aspect of our American way of life. S.O.S. presents practical plans for countering this over-crowding plague; by adopting a national draft and engaging our military for permanently securing our borders, ports, and critical infrastructures. By adopting and implementing the plans in S.O.S., Americans can declare that: never again will millions of illegals be able to invade our country. S.O.S. to the rescue! ABOUT THE AUTHOR S.O.S. is a book adequately titled and highlights the pressing problem of the illegal invasion of aliens into America, which is the number-one problem facing legal citizens, and proposes clear-cut permanent solutions as remedies for this threatening problem! The book is presented as a national security plan for America. The author, Al Pompey, resides in Compton, California, and has worked as a teacher and coach on the university, community college, and public school levels for the past thirty years in the greater Los Angeles area. Enduring his first year of retirement, he was a marine, probation officer, counselor, dean of students, and owner/operator of youth homes for abused, abandoned, and/or neglected teenage boys, ages twelve to eighteen. A Vietnam veteran, wounded in combat, Mr. Pompey has patriotism and love for his country, community, and family, which are his motivators. Witnessing the decline of our American middle class; loss of jobs and wages; and the president, Congress, and senates refusal to provide secured bordered and ports were the inspirations for writing this book. The loss of Americans sovereignty is at stake! S.O.S. is an urgently needed source of information for all legal, patriotic American citizens. (2007, paperback, 64 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.