Sacred Love

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8798-0
Sacred Love

by Jeanne A. O'Donnell This is a book about love, sexuality, and reincarnation a collection of poems and prose that attempts to describe enduring love. She describes the past, present, and future lives of two souls in three stories that tell of their enduring love and spiritual growth. There is a strong sexual essence to her poetry, suggesting that one can find and know God, the source of our being, through sexuality. Her poems are fresh and stirring and never lapse into clich or sentimentality. It is a twenty-first-century view of sex and spirituality, a new look at a primal act. ABOUT THE AUTHOR After her exciting first book, The Emerald Mountain, Jeanne ODonnell now pursues the next phase of her work, establishing herself as a serious new-age poet. The International Library of Poetry publications Twilight Musings and Songs of Honor, Nobel House, included several of her poems. While raising her family, she constantly studied philosophy and metaphysics and through meditation has had many mystical experiences inspiring her new-age thinking and poetry. She remains committed to sharing these messages from God and Spirit. In her semi-retirement, the Massachusetts-based author enjoys her family, writing, music, and raising orchids. (2007, paperback, 52 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.