Sadie Mae

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Sadie Mae

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Sadie Mae
by Sylvia Johnson

Sadie Mae is the epiphany of what courage really means. Sadie Mae withstood beatings from an abusive man so her children could stay together. She wanted to teach them to love each other under devastating odds that would have killed some people. When she had to put two of her children in the ground, that almost killed her, but she had her other childrens love and they did the best they could to keep Sadie strong. Sadie was this unbelievable woman; even in sickness, she kept going. Her patience, love, and understanding make her stand out.

About the Author

Im from Sacramento, and I have a B.A. from California State University and an A.A. from Sacramento City College. I graduated from City College in 1981 and State College in 1985. My major was social work, and Im currently working in the social work field. I have lived in Sacramento all my life with my family. I love to travel to the Midwest, especially during Christmas to visit family there. My hobbies are listening to classical music, writing, relaxing at home, and trying out new recipes. The story of Sadie Mae is fictional, but the inspiration was my mother, Zettie Mae.

(2010, paperback, 44 pages)