Safely Out on a Limb

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Safely Out on a  Limb
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Safely Out on a Limb
by Mervyn Smith and Christy Kalfas

A young man from Pretoria, South Africa, who thought of himself as a "nobody from nowhere", Mervyn Smith was touched by the love of God at the age of nineteen in a way that dramatically altered the course of his life. Sensing a call to the ministry, he joined the ranks of the Methodist clergy and soon found himself scrambling through the ups and downs, laughter and tears of ministerial training, marriage, raising children, and pastoring five very different congregations.

Then in 2000, a storm of events cast Mervyn between a rock and a hard place. With nowhere to look but up, Mervyn found his faith stretched to its limits as he tackled the rugged new terrain of independent churches. Through it all he discovered that even when there seemed to be virtually nothing left to grasp onto, with every threat of falling, God never left him hanging for long.

Now, nearing the summit of retirement, Mervyn is able to look back over the ground he has covered and reflect with a gentle sense of humour on just what can happen when you place yourself in the hands of the living God and allow Him to direct your climb, no strings attached...

About the Author

Mervyn Smith has been a preacher for more than forty years and as he nears retirement he has moved into the position of Associate Pastor at The New Harvest Christian Fellowship, where he was the founding pastor. He is married to Mary and enjoys spending time with his grown children and grandsons.

Christy Kalfas teaches music and lives in Somerset West with her husband, Nicholas. She holds a masters degree in multigenerational worship styles and is involved in various worship ministries at Coronation Street Methodist Church.

(2012, paperback, 144 pages)