Salvaged Secret

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Salvaged Secret
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Salvaged Secret
by Chris Dieterich

The 1962 Cadillac, rusted and dirty, is buried deep within the mountain salvage yard. Although there are hundreds of old cars left in this yard to die this one is alive and waiting waiting for someone to discover a tale of mystery and murder that spans over forty years.

Jeff Ferguson, an ex-college football player, feels about as broken down as the cars he now appraises at his job at the Optamum Insurance Company. Jeff, once on the fast track to play football for the NFL, was at the top of his game-until an injury stole his dreams of fame and fortune away in an instant. For Jeff, this was devastating... the prospect of living without the attention and excitement of his sports career, has led to nothing but chronic alcohol binges, daily depression, and the eventual numbness to life itself... until this strange turn of events, where fate has now given him the opportunity to engage in the most strange and provocative puzzle of small town corruption, murder and mayhem, unraveling a series of clues and events that rival any football formation.

About the Author

Chris Dieterich played football and graduated from N.C. State University, then went on to play seven years in the NFL with the Detroit Lions (1980-1986). After working twenty-one years as an auto appraiser, he is semi-retired and devotes much of his time to helping men trying to recover from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction.

Chris also spends time volunteering for a no-kill animal shelter (Pet Haven of South Carolina). He lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with his two dogs Slinky and Snoodles.

Chris donates the proceeds of sales of this book to children and animal charities in the state of South Carolina.

(2012, paperback, 90 pages)