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by Yasmeen Makarem

Author Yasmeen Makarem was born and raised in Lebanon. She holds a BS degree in Business Management from the Lebanese American University.

Salwa is a collection of poems mirroring the suffering and pain that is exhibited through the strength of the body and its endurance. The book revolves around the image that is created when pain threats the existence of the human being, making it yearn for death.

Makarem has lived in the midst of two wars that have taken Lebanon through severe destruction and resulted in deep political and religious segregation. Her poetry embeds several characters that an individual might adopt while facing lifes constant challenge. Each verse is based on an actual incident that the author has passed through, enabling her to write about the lost sound that passes by unheard.

Salwa is a direct dialogue narrated by the words of an observer who gathered the darkness of solitude and presented an image stricken by past memories. Makarem belongs to a generation lost in the midst of growing Arabian refugees and the ever hopes of hearing the sound of a vibrant music. For Salwa is the constant longing for a solace moment in time, that will generate comfort to the body.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)