Sanctimonious Psychoproctological Invasion

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Sanctimonious Psychoproctological Invasion

Sanctimonious Psychoproctological Invasions

By: Len Bergantino

About the Book

From 2012 through 2018, Len Bergantino began each day with pro bono writings and invasive interventions that insist and expand upon the first amendment rights of United States citizens. In all areas, he is both knowledgeable and feels national, state, and local governments are stuck in socially immobile positions. He created ways to invade entire cultures and governments to move those stuck in quicksand off the dime and into a society that spirals upward. He refers to the creation of these methods as sanctimonious psychoproctological invasions in the creation of a political psychology that should be studies by all human beings who want to make a difference and give meaning to their lives.


About the Author

Len Bergantino is a multi-faceted individual who achieved international prominence in the areas of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, and music. His other fields include education and religion, with a precursory knowledge of medicine and law. He is a weathervane in terms of knowing the right thing to do and has the temperament of Che Guevarra in getting it done!


(2019, paperback, 364 pages)

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