Sandy the Flipper Dragon

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Sandy the Flipper Dragon

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Sandy the Flipper Dragon
by H.M. Porteous

Sandy the Flipper Dragon was born on a hot summer day in 2006, and as the word count increased, I realized a new family of dragons had come to live at my house. One of the dragons is called Sandy (his real dragon name is too hard to say or remember), and this book is about how he learned to use his magical skills to earn his place in the Dragon Clan.

About the Author

H.M. Porteous grew up in the Australian bush and spent summer holidays swimming in the Murray River with her six brothers and sisters.

Since then she has worked as a nurse, an opal miner, a caretaker, a natural therapist and a clairvoyant.

She has two adult sons and is a staunch believer in dragons especially the ones that stay in her house.

(2009, paperback, 58 pages)