Santa's Favorite Gift

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Santa's Favorite Gift
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Santas Favorite Gift
by Helen Pickering Carpenter

Its the week before Christmas and there is a lot of activity at the North Pole. Three of the Elves, Charlie, Ted and Henry, are in the barn working on the sleigh. Santa has been spending too much time in the kitchen, eating warm cookies from the oven. With Mrs. Clauss help, he realizes hes gained weight.

Santa cant understand why children are bullied for looking different or why children bully others. He looks for the answer and finds it in the star-filled night that he has become so familiar with on his travels on Christmas Eve. He realizes material gifts may not be the ones most appreciated, or the ones hed like to deliver.

About the Author :

The author was raised in North Eastern Pennsylvania by a grandmother who was the worlds best story teller. Warm memories inspired the author to write Grandmas Mountain, a work that was previously published. Two great-grandchildren are the inspiration for Santas Favorite Gift. Its an all-inclusive message, one the author hopes will comfort and inspire.

(2014, Hardbound, 28 pages)