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by Nathan Miller

She could not have asked for anything more. A wonderful life and a loving mother. A strikingly beautiful actress and a Christian. Everything was going right for Saphfire McCain until the day of her disappearance.

Michael Rollins is the newest employee of the Sinema, a unique movie theater that embraces the dark world of science fiction and horror. Having no interest for the horror genre whatsoever, Michael is about to receive horrors greatest loss in the strangest and most unbelievable way.

About the Author

Nathan Miller was born in La Mesa, California. After high school, Nathan attended San Bernardino Valley College for a year and a half. His personal achievements have been through art and writing. Nathan has completed a course through art instruction schools. Horror and science fiction has always been an inspiration for him.

Nathan Miller currently resides in East Tennessee with his wife, Misty, and their son, Dawson.

(2009, paperback, 230 pages)