Sarah Orange

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Sarah Orange

Sarah Orange

By: Joi Weir


About the Book

Sarah Orange is in love with the color orange: so much so that she doesn’t like to look at any other color. She always wears orange glasses that make everything look orange. Sarah Orange is careful to also eat only orange foods. Will she welcome other colors in or miss out on God’s wonderful and beautiful world beyond orange?


About the Author


Joi Weir doesn’t just write for children, but she loves them. She has volunteered at several summer camps for kids and has read Sarah Orange during reading times at schools. She wants every kid to feel special and encourage them to see that there is beauty and joy waiting to grow in all of us. Joi delights to see children smile and laugh as they take a break from life’s hardships.

Joi wrote her first book in the fourth grade, called Sad Sarah. Being Joi’s first story, the name Sarah took a place in her heart. Joi doesn’t just write to entertain, but with each story she prays each child will see their differences as special and fall in love with God the Father, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. She prays they will seek to find the Creator of the fantastic world we live in and experience His love. 


(2020, Hardcover, 32 Pages)


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