Sarai's Stripes: Inspired by Keturah Urena, Co-Author

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Sarai's Stripes: Inspired by Keturah Urena, Co-Author
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Sarai's Stripes by Carli Urena

Were moving to North Carolina? But why? When? Sarai asked as she and Kammie walked in from outside and overheard Sarais mother, Carli, talking to her father, Darin, tears welling up in both of their eyes.

Sarai, Dr. Bruce said your asthma is getting worse and we need to be out of here before winter comes, her mother said.

But I dont want to move that far away. What about Kammie? I dont want to leave her!

Sarai choked back the tears as she and Kammie held on to each other in disbelief. Kammies eyes were wide as the tears started rolling down her face.

Kammie can come visit during the holidays and anytime she wants, Sarais mother said, and she gave them both a big hug, knowing what the separation would do to them. Sarai and Kammie cried until the day the moving truck pulled away.

About the Author

Carli Urena currently resides in North Carolina with her family. Her enthusiasm for creative storytelling began when her children were small and would often ask for made-up stories after reading a bedtime book. These would often end up with some type of enlightening facts or a moral included and lots of fun and laughter.

Sarais Stripes began as a short essay written by her daughter, Keturah Sarai, who both challenged and inspired her mother, Carli, to create a lively and zany story using excerpts from her class assignment.

Carli holds a B.S. in psychology from Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.

(2008, paperback, 34 pages)