Scars of a Calabash Misdeed

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Scars of a Calabash Misdeed
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Scars of a Calabash Misdeed
by Gregory Obuobi

Scars of a Calabash Misdeed tells the story of Oti-Ansere. It is the climax story of a trilogy. The book grows from the strands of The Split and The Freak to a finishing beginning for Oti-Ansere.

Oti-Ansere returns to Accra from Nigeria, eager to pursue his publishing program. He will not be swayed by distractions plotted to derail his resolve to become a world-famous published author. Meanwhile, he could have a teaching appointment in a secondary school or a post in a publishing company to raise the much-needed income for his project.

Yaw Saffoh and Kojo Amponsah are two rare demons of villains of the Aketegu and Bomso clans. They stalk Oti-Ansere with every step he takes, determined to frustrate his efforts. They undermine his marriage. They sabotage his work with anonymous letters to his employment sources. They scheme to steal poison into his food to kill him so they can obtain access to his chattels.

Oti-Ansere sternly but quietly fights against these villains even as he quietly prays to the soul of his dead father for succor.

About the Author

Born in September 1944 at Akropong Akuapem in the Easter Region of Ghana, Gregory Obuobi was reared at Bibiani in the clan home of his grandfather. His mother was a single parent. He has two sisters, who are now adults. He had his elementary and primary school education at Bibiani Roman Catholic Mission School at Bibiani.

Even as he reads actively on interiority in the consciousness of the Asante mind for his dissertation, Obuobi writes. He has now typeset a trilogy that explores the causes of the underdevelopment situation of the Asante in Ghana. The Split has been serialized in The Public Agenda, between April 2008 and September 2009. The Freak was published around the same time in the Saturday editions of The Statesman. The author has written two plays: The New Generation and The Skins. He is currently working on The Last Headmaster and The Split Absolute.

Gregory is now a resident in Tema, where he teaches, writes, and studies.

(2011, paperback, 486 pages)