Scars of a Lunatic

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Scars of a Lunatic

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Scars of a Lunatic
by Nasty Niese

Random acts of demented absurdity. Sick and twisted true stories of a poor white trash individual amusing myself and others with crazy events just to kill time. Everything foul and disturbing you could never imagine a person would do to upset normal society or entertain myself.

This book is based on the outrageously and abnormal occurrences. Odd stories, written oddly, to explain the insanity of both me and the chaos. Fighting, blood, and bodily secretions fill these pages with a moral unbalancing of the soul.

Readers discretion is advised.

About the Author

The party started with skateboards and booze. It escalated quickly. It began in a small town. Guys like author Nasty Niese dont belong in small towns. Guys like this belong in the city sewers scaring children. When he closed his eyes, he saw fire. He played music. He didnt shower for weeks at a time. The only things that covered his stench were the fried eggs that remained eternally on the stove and the toilet not yet ready for its weekly flushing. He would spray himself with air freshener. The man is interesting. He is fun. His flaws and his qualities combine to create a perfect cocktail: a man who crashed a party when he was fifteen and never came home.
-Dusty Smith

(2010, hardcover, 90 pages)