Scattered Leaves by Dr. Niki Karavasilis

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Scattered Leaves by Dr. Niki Karavasilis
Scattered Leaves is a true story of one family in Trikorfon, Greece, as well as the story of many Greek families who suffered during the devastation of the Italian and German invasions and the Civil War of 1945-49. It offers a glimpse of the many layers of destruction and horror that resulted form starvation, executions, and terrorism by the Greek Communist guerrillas. This is the tale of Martha and Mitros love for each other, their children, their country, and above all, their second country, America. Their children and grandchildren reaped the benefits of their courage and faith, and Scattered Leaves is a testament to the power of the call of freedom. (2003, paperback, 480 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.