Schizophrenia My______?!?! Being in the Know!

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Schizophrenia My______?!?!  Being in the Know!

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Schizophrenia My _______?!?! Being in the Know!
by Beth Donahue

There are many forms of terrorism in our world today. Some forms show their faces on a daily basis through suicide bombings, genocide, and mass murder. Other forms of terrorism are hidden from the masses, such as pedophilia and mutilations. There are many victims of terrorism. The faces are different and the places of the abuse are all over the world. My goal with the book is to bring to light all the faces of terrorism, show that it is in every country, and show the beginnings and how an ending to some of the abuse can happen.

There are perpetrators in all walks of life. The question is how to reveal them to the public through the eyes of the victims. I have tried to do this within the pages of the book.

All of us have organizations that are close to our hearts that we support. Make an effort to bring to your heart an organization that may be out of the realm of your understanding but an open door after reading this book.

Warning: Some parts of the book may be graphic in nature and caution may be needed with younger readers.

About the Author

My name is Beth Donahue and I grew up in Hull, Massachusetts. I am currently forty-three years old. As you will read, I have been through tremendous trauma in my life. I am lucky to be alive today to tell this story. Most victims/survivors who have been through this type of abuse do not make it without at least one attempt of suicide and after about three tries, they usually succeed. I am lucky. I lived through my attempt. It gave me strength to write and pull together what terrorism is from a perspective of someone who lived with a terrorist as a child through my teenage years and now living with terror as an adult. I have captured the proof needed as an adult to hopefully make a change in society so these types of attacks are very rare instead of every day.

I took what I was dealt and learned in life and applied it to this book so the truth would be told about terrorism from a psychological perspective. This is something most people hide and dont want to hear about. Well, its time for the truth to be told from someone who has the heart, courage, and soul to expose it.

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(2010, paperback, 378 pages)