Schyler's Run

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Schyler's Run

Schyler’s Run: A Grateful Servant

By: Virginia Drayer


About the Book

Johanna Laughlin is only 16-years-old when she leaves home, eager to escape the advances of her traveling stepfather. She begins working as a maid in a lovely countryside estate where her new employer begins to show a far too friendly interest towards the guileless kitchen maid. Johanna must learn to decipher the motives of the upper class – or find herself floundering in a role she wasn’t prepared to play.


About the Author

A nerdy millennial under the guise of a stay-at-home mom, Virginia Drayer harbors a love for blank notebooks, minimalism, and anything you can read with an accent. Her contempt for social media and her online freelance persona are only slightly at odds. Drayer lives in her eponymous state with her husband, five children, and fifty rabbits in tow. A Grateful Servant is her debut novel.


(2019, Paperback, 316 Pages)


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