Science: Unusual Perspectives

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Science: Unusual Perspectives

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Science: Unusual Perspectives
by Robert Gibson

This book is a summary of lifetime interests. First, it is a testimony of some lessons in life directed by divine teaching and directed blessings. Second, it is a dissertation or thesis based on lifetime interests and should challenge the thinking of anyone with scholarly interests. Third, it is a summary of lessons learned from lifetime interests and living experiences. It is hoped that the reader will take away lessons that will be useful to his own life. Like the Bible, some writings here will point down a path that the reader will have to follow to get there. I hope the path will be enjoyable. The readers will have to judge for themselves.

About the Author

Born in 1935, I almost died six months later and became permanently impaired in ways. Among my earliest memories are those of Mom reading me Bible stories. To a normal four- and five-year-old, Bible stories are just stories, but Mom had a way of making them important. Then we heard about two cities being destroyed by flashes of light; thousands of people were killed in seconds. America changed overnight and has never been the same since. A foster child living down the road seemed to know something about atoms, and he liked to talk about it. George Mills planted a seed in rough ground, and that seed had to weather rough going to mature and bear fruit. It has taken lots of cultivation, but this book is the harvest. The reader will have to judge if the planting and work of a lifetime is worth anything.

(2010, paperback, 50 pages)