Scratch Paper: Ramblings of a Man Out of His Mind

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Scratch Paper: Ramblings of a Man Out of His Mind

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Scratch Paper: Ramblings of a Man Out of His Mind
by Joseph Conquest

Have you ever wondered what might happen to a man who is not lonely but feels he has been alone too long? Joe succumbs to seeking the help of a wishing well, unwittingly bringing forth a fairy. He finds himself lost in a romance with this fairy as she shares with him what turns out to be his own truth. The rest is historyand his story will want to repeat itself.

About the Author

Joseph Conquest was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky, at 7:05 AM on August 26, 1956. He was orphaned at age six and went through two orphanages and three foster homes in California. Not finding many friends in people, he found them in animals. He ran away from home with a horse at the age of twelve, but by the next day the horse stopped and lay down, his bare feet too sore to continue on. No one had told the boy that this would happen if he rode too long on a paved road, so he made a vow that he would become a horse-shoer when he grew up.

He joined the Marines after high school and holds an honorable discharge from that esteemed institution. Back with horses again, he somehow ended up in Colorado, where he became a biker, met a woman from Louisiana, and took her home to that state in his beat-up old truck, motorcycle safely ensconced in the back.

(2011, paperback, 228 pages)