Scratchpad Ponderings: A Collection of Poems

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Scratchpad Ponderings: A Collection of Poems

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Scratchpad Ponderings: A Collection of Poems
by Henry Fields

The book, Scratchpad Ponderings: A Collection of Poems, had its beginning with jottings on a scratchpad. The writer would view a scene, hear a sound, listen to a story, or visit a favorite place and while pondering what had been experienced would write an impression of the event on an always handy scratchpad. Later while thinking of the experience, he would compose rhyming lines that became the direction of the resulting poem. One such finished poem was inspired on a beautiful autumn day while raking leaves. Remembering long forgotten days of childhood and the wonder of autumn, he wrote thoughts that became Against Raking Leaves. Seaside Dawn began as a thought while visiting a favorite beach and rising early to view the sunrise. It is the authors hope that these simple poem-ponderings will stir your memory and bring you inspiration.

About the Author

Dr. Henry Fields is a native Georgian who was educated in public schools and a private seminary. A graduate engineer of Georgia Tech, he spent most of his working career as the minister of local congregations. During those years he wrote inspirational columns for local newspapers. His love of words and using them to express thoughts with a minimum of word usage led to the pastime hobby of writing poetry.

Henry, the father of two grown children and the grandfather of four grandchildren, retired with his wife, Betty, to the North Georgia Mountains. They live on a small farm where he continues to write for specified publications as well as for pleasure.

(2012, paperback, 72 pages)