Searching for Inspiration on the Infertility Roller Coaster

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7969-5
Searching for Inspiration on the Infertility Roller Coaster
by Tracey T. Serebin Searching for Inspiration on the Infertility Roller Coaster explores Traceys personal journey facing infertility and the medical interventions needed to reach motherhood. At thirty-eight years old, she felt like she had plenty of time to start a family. Tracey had heard all the stories about celebrities having kids in their forties and even some in their fifties, so she wasnt concerned about her age. She was still in the prime of her life or so she thought, allowing the media to provide her with false information. As any woman facing infertility can attest, it truly is an emotional roller coaster, with few answers and ever mounting uncertainties. Tracey bravely shares her experiences, told from a girlfriends point of view, so other women experiencing the trials and tribulations of this issue can gain inspiration and support. This becomes a story about asking the tough questions, pursuing all the options, focusing on goals, and having faith that she would become pregnant. Tracey hopes the tools and support provided in her new book will help those women riding the sometimes frightening, frustrating, and challenging infertility roller coaster, and provide a better chance for success. She also wants to pass along to the partners, family, and friends involved in supporting the process what a woman goes through. May this book provide, to everyone involved, inspiration as you ride the infertility roller coaster. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tracey T. Serebin is a family dynamics and communication specialist. She has a coaching practice in northern New Jersey, working with kids, parents, and families. Tracey conducts motivational seminars around the country, writes Family Travel articles about reconnecting with family, and develops curriculum for kids. She lives with her husband, son, and two dogs in New Jersey. (2008, paperback, 96 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.