Seasons of Love

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Seasons of Love

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Seasons of Love
by Nancy J. Davis

Seasons of Love spans an eight-year period in the life of a wealthy New York family.

Set in New York; Hong Kong; San Clemente; Washington, D.C.; and Geneva, the author exposes some serious ups and downs in the lives of the Randolph family. Their journey is difficult after the sudden and unexpected death of a much-loved family member and opens their eyes to the fact that being wealthy doesnt stop you from bruising when life pushes you down.

Seasons of Love reveals the message that love, patience, support and, in many ways, spirituality, will guide us through lifes hardships.

About the Author

Nancy J. Davis began writing songs when she was a principal singer on a CBC national television series called Lets Go. Her songwriting led to writing poetry and to date, thousands of dollars have been raised for local and national charities through the sale and auction of her framed and signed poetry, one of which now hangs in Vancouver City Hall.

As writing is her passion, she hopes readers from all walks of life will enjoy her first novel, Seasons of Love.

(2011, hardcover, 130 pages)