Secrets of a Dreamer

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Secrets of a Dreamer

Secrets of a Dreamer

By: Ashley Thomas

About the Book

Inspired by true events of the author’s life, Secrets of a Dreamer follows Shanice, a thirty-something-year-old business owner, as she experiences the joys and pains of growing, learning to trust herself, and falling in love. She battles her past, trying to let go so her future can flourish. Will she make the right choices?


About the Author

Ashley Thomas is a mother, devoted wife, and founder of several organizations based around spirituality, including a community outreach center involving counseling ministries. After the passing of her twelve-year-old son in 2018, Thomas found her strength to be the rock for so many others like herself and started a nonprofit organization in honor of her son.

When she is not working on building her family’s legacy, Thomas is writing for future publications. These works include a children’s book about bullying and an inspirational book for the troubled and lost.


(2019, Paperback, 120 pages)

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