Secrets of the Thirteen Diaries

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8771-3
Secrets of the Thirteen Diaries
by Sara Hall Kemp This book deals with young girls, how they are misled, misguided and misunderstood by men who slip drugs into soda fountain drinks in order to meet their own selfish desires. From the snowcapped mountains of Colorado to the sandy beaches of Florida, young girls fall prey to such perverts. It is a product of local and national news dealing with the uncertainties young girls face today. It contains life into the twenty-first century. It includes love, marriage, birth, humor and murder, as well as secrets of the thirteen diaries. ABOUT THE AUTHOR I was born the fourth child to Georgia sharecroppers. The era of the Great Depression made it virtually impossible to get an education, but my determination won. After high school, I graduated from Southern College of Business then worked in accounting. WW II was declared. I joined the Navy and served my country. After the war I worked for the Veterans Administration then married. As my family grew so did my determination to become a writer. I took a two year course in creative writing; then another two-year writer's course and earned college credits. I've sold articles to magazines. (2007, paperback, 194 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.