Seeing is Believing: First Time in World

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Seeing is Believing: First Time in World

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Seeing is Believing: First Time in World
by V.K. Sonakia

From his childhood, V.K. Sonakias interest has lain in solving the deep mysteries of nature. His research in nature and invention revealed a story which needed to be told.

FIT is powerful and unified science-based tool, which is available in the human body. It generates logic and decodes future manmade and natural disasters such as RDX blasts, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

About the Author

Sonakia received a master of science degree from Bhopal-Barkatullah University in India in 1977.

Sonakia and his wife Aparna live in Bhopal where he works as a senior officer in the Department of Industries for the government of Madhya Pradesh. They share one daughter of ten years, Himangi.

(2009, paperback, 122 pages)