Sentimental Journal for Mothers and Daughters

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Sentimental Journal for Mothers and Daughters
Marcia Duncans Sentimental Journal is designed to be a special book for mothers and daughters. Duncan has been a child therapist for over twenty years and has developed this book as a tool to encourage open communication between mothers and daughters of all ages, from preschool to adult. This touching and heartfelt journal is the perfect gift for any mother or daughter. In this journal, the same questions are posed to both mother and daughter. It can be used as an aid toward developing a more intimate relationship as well as being an important keepsake. The purpose of this book is three-fold: To increase opportunities for communication
To help mothers and daughters know each other better
To encourage mothers and daughters to learn from each others perspectives Praise for Marcia Duncans Work: At last, heres something useful to address modern communication issues between mothers and daughters. Sharon Tomas, MA, former Chief, Childrens Mental Health Team Hawaii Ms. Duncans Sentimental Journal is a most creative, thoughtful, empathetic, sensitive, skillful, gentle, caring approach to improving the relationship between a mother and her daughter. It is simple yet structured enough in its design to make it both safe and non-threatening. It deals with positives and strengths rather than problems and negatives. Dr. Richard L. Moon, Child Psychiatrist, Madison, Wisconsin Sentimental Journal by Marcia Duncan is a well-thought-out publication that challenges, encourages, and counsels a parent to develop practical knowledge and skills in communication with her daughter. Sentimental Journal provides a vehicle for closer communication between mother and daughter. Those who will accept the challenge and take seriously the gentle direction from this book will find the unfolding of a deep, loving, healthy, and lasting relationship. The payoff is priceless. Dely Sasaki, RN Trainer on Adolescent Health Issues (retired) and Co-chair of Kauai Community Childrens Council, Kauai, Hawaii (2008, paperback, 208 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.