Separate Beds - eBook

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Separate Beds
by Leslée Hart

This book is about making people aware before entering a relationship. We have such a built-in instinct to recognize traits that are incompatible, but somehow we make excuses for such behavior, thinking we will be the one that makes that person change for our love.

Many readers will relate to this story. It’s easy to put a label on physical abuse but emotional abuse is difficult to define. This book will hopefully raise awareness to look for the signs of abuse. When a firm foundation is laid in a marriage there is no Greater Power!

“The author is a courageous, dynamic, and beautiful lady. Her love of God, family, and music is obvious in everything that she does. Her book is the story of her life told in a frank and open manner. A story about love and betrayal; a story told straight from her heart! I admire the way she buckles all the stereotypes and reminds us we don’t have to conform either.” – Edda Taylor

“What can I say about one of the most beautiful, talented, courageous, fearless, bold, and spunky women I’ve ever met. She is a mentor and creator; she helps others before herself and has dedicated her life to others’ happiness. I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of self-courage she has. I love her to pieces and I will always look up to her.” – Priscilla Solina

“She is a thoughtful and enthusiastic lady with a passion for life, and memories of our friendship will endure forever. May the disappointments of her past amass an abundance of love, health, and happiness as she transitions into the mystery of the future. With best wishes for the success of her book.” – Camille S. Mann.

“She was a good customer for many years and we developed a friendship over those years. She was also a Committee Member for our NWI Parkinson’s organization, a 501c3 charitable corporation, whose primary function is to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease and raise monies to help fund research for a cure of the disease. She has been an active model for our annual spring fundraiser styles shows for the last 10 years.” – Elizabeth Woodbury

About the Author:

The author lives in Northwest Indiana. She takes a positive role by involving herself in community activities with her friends and is involved in a local charity that brings awareness and help to Parkinson’s disease. She attends a local dynamic church to build herself up spiritually. Family involvement is key to happiness and contentment. Staying optimistic and hopeful is important. She feels that it’s not the successes that count as much as how well we pick up and move on from failures in life.

(2017, eBook)