Serket's Movies: Commentary and Trivia on 444 Movies

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Serket's Movies: Commentary and Trivia on 444 Movies

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Serkets Movies: Commentary and Trivia on 444 Movies
by Cory Hamblin

I love watching movies in a variety of genres, including new, old, popular, independent, and foreign. The diverse genres allow you to enjoy a film during any mood and about any subject. Compared to other books that review movies, my approach is more casual and my rating based on the overall feel of the video.

The trivia touches on several topics such as film production, revenue records, locations, and historical background. Sometimes movies portray a message about politics or our culture. I comment on the approach and share my views on the matter.

About the Author

The author currently lives in Davis County, Utah. This is his first book. His original ancestors in America were James Hamblin and Mary Dunham. They were the third-great-grandparents of Abraham Lincolns Vice President Hannibal Hamlin and Mormon pioneer Jacob Hamblin. Visit the authors blog at

(2009, paperback, 376 pages)