Secret Society of Saint Mystic

Secret Society of Saint Mystic
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Secret Society of Saint Mystic
by Hiram Ed Taylor

Palmer Buzzbitt’s entire life has been about New Orleans Mardi Gras. He designs and builds floats for five parades. When Hurricane Katrina floods New Orleans, he returns to discover his home and his business destroyed. He must start over.

While living in a FEMA trailer parked in front of his gutted house, he must rebuild all five parades in only four months for Mardi Gras 2006 to happen. This is not a story about a hurricane; this is the story of a man who achieves his dream and then has it taken away and his life destroyed. He must find the courage to accept change, transform disaster into survival, and bring joy back into his shattered life.

About the Author

Hiram Ed Taylor has written twenty-seven plays, which have been produced in New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and other cities. Four are published in the book Louisiana Plays. He has published many short stories in magazines, and his story “Feed the Leviathan” opens the anthology Bi Men Coming Out Every Which Way, published by Haworth Press. Secret Society of Saint Mystic is his first published novel. He lives in New Orleans, where he is active in Mardi Gras Secret Society Krewes and has won four awards for his float designs and float painting.

(2009, paperback, 172 pages)


Secret Society of Saint Mystic (e-book)
Secret Society of Saint Mystic (e-book)

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