Seven Angels

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Seven Angels

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Seven Angels
by Winifred Thompson

Seven Angels tells the story of a woman and how she gives hope and faith to seven different individuals.

Ruth Mason believes angels are guardians chosen by God to protect His children. She believes in her own guardian angel and the sense of peace and comfort she feels knowing she is being watched over. The day after she purchases an angel figurine, she is able to sell an item online, and she decides to use the money to buy seven more angel figurines and give them to people in need of love, courage, and hope.

Father Paul, chaplain of St. Johns Hospital, helps Ruth distribute the angel figurines among seven patients. Ruth, however, chooses to remain anonymous and requests for Father Paul to inform her about the patients development. But the chaplain dies not long after, leaving Ruth at a loss regarding the patients who receive the seven angels. She, however, believes God will help her find the individuals whom she and Father Paul have helped, and in the coming days, she will come across them one by one and learn how each of the seven angels changes their lives.

(2011, paperback, 36 pages)