Seven-Year Peep of Israel

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Seven-Year Peep of Israel

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Seven-Year Peep of Israel
by Paul Jenkins

This book is about little boy from Michigan who always felt he was missing something in his life and growing up, he was mostly alone all his life. But he didnt feel alone. Was there something missing? People around him would suggest things to make him think about his surroundings.

The magical things that happen throughout this book will explain what he was missing. He wasnt alone! This book is nonfiction but to you, a reader, your mind can only tell you this could not really happen, for what this little boy was missing was mind-boggling. But who could think that in our day something like this could happen? Could God be so close to one person?

About the Author

I was really inspired to write this book; the experiences in my life were so great and so rich, I just couldnt speak just to one person at a time to explain. Israels life-changing Jerusalem is a magical city; its actually alive with Gods Spirit. When I was a little boy, I was questioned about the way I was to my peers. I enjoyed writing this book. I enjoy people.

(2010, paperback, 74 pages)