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by Ashlee Benstead

In the year 2200, the world is overrun by creatures called Sectors. They are half-cat, half-human. They have the head of a cat but the body of a human that is covered in fur. The kings all around the world start training advanced soldiers to protect their people. These soldiers call themselves Shadowalkers.

Half the human population refuses to follow their kings and tries to ignore it, refusing to believe that their lives are in danger. They live their lives like any normal human beings, while others decide to fight. Schools are built in remote areas to teach people who want to fight. This story follows Rick Hunter in his battle to find his parents and learn to survive against the Sectors.

About the Author

Im eighteen and live in Townsville, Australia. I started out not liking reading or writing but with extra tutoring, it became my favourite pastime. I was eleven when I wrote my first four-page book called Hero. I have always liked the idea of heroes; no matter what happens, someone will be there to save you. I am doing a gap year in the Australian Navy and eventually want to join the Police Force. I was always one of those people who liked going off into their own world. I like sitting back and seeing how people react to the world around them, and that is where I get a lot of my ideas.

(2010, paperback, 142 pages)