Shadows of Guilt

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ISBN: 0-8059-9714-8
Shadows of Guilt
by Perviz Chinoy Can one accident, even as a teenager, affect the rest of your life? Doug Fader is just seventeen when his parents give him his first car. One day, a carload of joyriding friends sees Phillip delivering newspapers on his bike. The son of Polish immigrants, Phillip is often the object of ridicule at school. A passenger causes the car to swerve, seriously injuring Phillip, but Doug is left with the responsibility. After months of devastating trials and insurance claims, Doug leaves home and travels the globe for years. He even serves time in a Chinese labor camp. Will he ever be able to return home and come to terms with the past he tried to leave behind? Shadows of Guilt illustrates one mans struggle to vanquish the ghosts of his haunted past. ABOUT THE AUTHOR From Darjeeling to the Himalayas, Perviz Chinoy had a passion for travel and adventure in her early life. Born and educated in Bombay, her interest in writing flared as a stay-at-home mom with a growing family who had some of her articles published. The seeds for Shadows of Guilt, her first novel, were sown over twenty-five years ago when she worked in the insurance field. (2005, paperback, 108 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.