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Shadows: Inspired by Actual Events
by R.A. Pundt

Enter the murky world of politics and law enforcement in R. A. Pundt's adrenaline-filled Shadows. Based on true events from the author's life, readers will be plunged into a trusted system that is more corrupt than anyone could imagine.

A. T. Van Doren's world is turned upside down with the arrival of two FBI agents. An attorney and former FBI agent himself, Van Doren is blindsided by his arrest on federal charges that he never committed. The situation takes on an even stranger turn when his supposed accomplices turn out to be individuals he does not know.

Determined to clear his name at any cost, Van Doren launches his own private investigation into the events leading to his arrest. What he unveils is almost beyond belief: the indictment appears to have been set in motion by Van Doren's political enemies who are seeking revenge. Further investigation reveals an underground movement within the FBI and the DOJ in which targets are coupled with innocent citizens for indictment.

"...I just finished the final version and I was blown away! It is terrific story telling! It is terrific story telling! Every American who cares about our country should read this book. You will be entertained by a great story of politics and corporate control of our justice system..."

-Joseph Trento, author of: Prelude to Terror and the Secret History of the CIA

"A shadowy web of government lies and corruption is at the heart of this part fiction, part fact thriller... Pundt delivers a hauntingly real-feeling expose' of the complicated web of string-pullers behind the US government..."

-Forward Clarion Review

"In Pundt's sweeping political thriller, a dogged former FBI agent bent on justice battles corruption and a government revenge plot..."

-Kirkus Indie Review

About the Author: R. A. Pundt is an attorney, former FBI agent, former prosecutor, and former political activist. His wrongful arrest over a political past with individuals who obtained significant government offices inspired him to write his debut novel.